Snow Plowing

CH Snow Plowing, is the snow plowing service, owned and operated by National Painting.

We would love to help with your snow plowing for the 2023/2024 season and still have openings on our schedule! We will come out and snow plow your driveway per each snow event using our own truck and snowplow equipment.

Here is our pricing structure:  

  • We will snow plow your driveway with a 1.5” depth trigger (sometimes we may need to plow with less than 1.5” inches accumulation. You rely on us to use our best judgment. If we feel like it’s just going to melt off quickly we will not plow, however sometimes we will need to come when there is less than 1.5” accumulation) per event using truck and snow plow equipment for a base rate of $40.00.
  • Clearing of sidewalks and porches is optional for a base rate of $10.00 with a 1.5″ trigger.
  • We use a tiered system for additional accumulation as follows:
    • (as mentioned above) 1.5” trigger base rate is ($40.00) or ($50.00) with clearing of front walkways and sidewalks
    • 5″ depth is (x 1.5) base rate ($60.00) or ($75.00) with clearing of front walkways and sidewalks
    • 8″ + depth is (x 2) base rate ($80.00) or ($100.00) with clearing of front walkways and sidewalks
  • We currently do not offer seasonal contracts.
  • We bill on a per event basis every two weeks after service has been provided.
  • You will be billed around the 1st and 15th of the month-your rate multiplied by how many snowfall events transpired during the previous two weeks. Prompt payment is appreciated.
  • We currently do not offer deicing and salting services.

These rates apply to a driveway with a three car garage no larger than 30’ x 50’ which is a driveway that fits up to 6 vehicles comfortably. If you have a larger driveway, we will be happy to provide an estimate.

If you would like to get on our schedule, please reach us using our contact info below.

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