Working with National Painting on any interior painting project, means we promise to take exceptional care of your home while we work. We value your home as much as you do.

We cover the floors, countertops, appliances and furniture with the proper drop clothes and plastic to avoid paint splatter. We even move furniture and any of your items to their proper place once we are completed with your project.

We can paint walls, ceilings, doors & windows, and door & window trim. We will inspect your walls and perform any drywall repairs that need to be done. Our painters will look for cracks, and defects in your walls that will affect the interior painting. We will fill scratches, dings, or cracks with mud or caulk. After the area is repaired, our professionals will apply our high-quality paints.

We use different types of paints and know exactly where these paints need to be used. We recommended walls are painted with a professional grade interior wall paint color and sheen. The number of coats that we apply on drywall is usually two coats after preparation.

When done- we will clean up the area by removing any tape, replacing all the hardware and outlet covers, and putting all the furniture back in place.

National Painting provides excellent interior painting services you can rely on.

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